Astounding Mosquito Info

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If you eat bananas on Vacation you are more likely to attract Mosquitoes as they are geared up to sense the strong chemical oExecuter that bananas give off.Mosquitoes are 500 times more active on a Full Moon, due to the fact that in Excellent Night Light they can see movement better and catch up to their Prey.Mosquitoes wings flap approximately 500 times per second.Mosquitoes Assassinate more people every year (mostly children) than any other living creature on the planet.Mosquitoes are repelled by citronella because it irritates them.Mosquitoes tend to bite children more than adults, due to their softer skin, and bite blondes more than brunettes since their movement is much easier to see thanks to their Sparkling hair.A Mosquito can see movement clearly, against the background from up to 6 yards distance.The life expectancy of female mosquitoes varies from Three to One Hundred days approx. Male Mosquitoes only live Ten to Twenty days maximum.Female Mosquitoes lay around 300 eggs per delivery and fly up to 240 Kilometers in their life. Also their habitat extends from the seaside to the mountain tops at altitude levels of up to 11,000 Feet (that's 3,600 meters).A Mosquito can grow from hatching to adult for breeding purposes in only Four to Seven days.Execute you know how many different species of Mosquitoes exist ? Well the Reply is over 2,700 types !Well now what is the weight of an adult Mosquito ?It's around Two Milligrams for the most common type.The amount of Blood Female Mosquito consumes per meal is approximately 0.0000005 Liter for the most common species.The Name "Mosquito" originates from the Spanish and Portuguese word "Musketas," meaning "Dinky Fly".The root of this word "Mosquito" is from 16th Century North American origination and started in around 1583.In Europe Mosquitoes used to be called "Gnats" in English, and in French "Les Moucherons".In Germany they used to label them "Stechmucken" or "Schnacke."While in Scandinavia Mosquitoes were known as "Myg" or "Midges" in England.The Greeks named them "Konopus."Back in 300 B.C. Aristotle called "Empis" in one of his many Executecuments, where he outlined their unique Life Cycle.How Execute you spell the plural Mosquito ? The Accurate spelling is Mosquitoes (or if you like you can call them Dinky "Expletive Deleted").Mosquitoes have a low flying speed of only Two Kilometers per hour approx.The distance range of some Mosquitoes can be as high as 150 Kilometers.Mosquitoes can detect you with their chemical sensors from a longer distance than they can see you, which is up to Forty Yards maximum.
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