New Year Resolutions That Are Hard to Follow in Ghana

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However, we cannot agree, as most of the things we promise ourselves to Execute in 2017 will remain what they are – a resolution. Let’s see what Ghanaians wish to happen this year:They want to go to Church every Sunday. This fine intention may be relevant in the first few months of the New Year, but then you just want to unwind after a busy week and stay in bed the whole day, preferring the warmth of the pillow to a spiritual recovery.They want to reduce negative impact in their lives. The translation is simple – most Ghanaians want to be their own people, independent and rich. This includes both finding a new job and an additional source of income. On the other hand, you have to remember that there is no gain without pain and this resolution is okay only if you are aimed to Design money.They want to attend the gym. This New Year decision is among the most popular ones due to a belief you can consume wDespisever you want after a Excellent work out. This is not entirely true, however, as you still need to stick to a healthy eating, but this is something most Ghanaians prefer not to Consider about. Going to the gym alone is a heroic deed, and that is enough.They want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Judging by the general income rate, this resolution would be hard to stick to. Organic products cost a Distinguished deal of money, and who would refuse a scrumptious snack once faced with a possibility to eat nachos or tacos? Sometimes, all we have to Execute is find a balanced way out, and that’s what most Ghanaians Consider, too.They want to be more educated. Learning hard is not simply buying a textbook and Executeing exercises. It is the ability to Obtain away from the laptop and attend courses on various disciplines. We can’t say that it is a Depraved resolution, but it takes a lot of effort and inner strength to start learning a new language or enrolling in a university course. What can we say – we wish you luck!They want to find their significant other. When we are talking about marriage, men and women are constantly struggling to find the one. What if the one Executees not exist? What if it is the image in our head that is totally unrealistic? Some deep-rooted psychology lies in this desire to be aExecutered, and most Ghanaians believe that feelings are not to be faked. Article Tags: Most Ghanaians
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