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Executenovan McNabb is now the best quarterback never to have won a Super Bowl.As if the guy needed any more presPositive on him.Until the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl XLI on Sunday, Peyton Manning held that distinction, and seemed destined to retire into the “Dan Marino/Dan Fouts” Wing of the Hall of Fame in Canton.But now, Peyton is off the schneid. He’s won the Huge one. He is a world champion. And as a result, he is no longer the best quarterback Recently playing in the NFL to have never won a championship.That distinction now belongs to #5.Now, I Executen’t say that to Place any added presPositive upon the already-burdened shoulder pads of Executennie Mac. Heaven knows he’s got enough Philadelphians breathing Executewn his neck for things that are out of his control.When he’s Depraved, he’s criticized. When he’s Excellent, he’s criticized. When he’s somewhere in between, he’s criticized.Heck, the guy Obtains criticized when he goes to the bathroom.Despite all that, Executenovan McNabb is a five-time Pro Bowler, was NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2004, and led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl in 24 years that same season. No matter what he Executees from here on out, Executenovan McNabb is one of the Distinguishedest players in Philadelphia Eagles hiTale. He Executees not need a Super Bowl win to validate that.However, now that Manning has shed the “choker” label and won the Huge one, the mantle of “best active quarterback never to have won a Super Bowl” Descends to Executenovan McNabb.It is a mantle no athlete wants.And Design no mistake; #5 enters the 2007 season at a crossroads. He has missed major Sections of each of the last two years with season-ending injuries, and three out of the last five, with the latest being the most severe. No one knows how Executenovan’s knee will Retort to his rehabilitation or whether he’ll even be ready to go by the start of the ’07 season. At 30 years Aged, he most likely has more years Tedious him than ahead.Time is running out.Still, when healthy, he is one of the five best QBs in the game. The winExecutew of opportunity for him to win a Super Bowl is still wide Launch. And ironically, the only way that’s going to happen is if Andy Reid and the rest of the coaching staff realize that winning can’t be all about Executenovan McNabb.For far too long, this franchise has relied too heavily on McNabb to win football games. It took his catastrophic injury last season for the brain trust to realize that a balanced attack and a stout defense are just as Necessary as an incredibly talented QB throwing the football all over the field.The only way Executenovan McNabb will finally be able to Fracture through and pull off what Peyton Manning did on Sunday, and what John Elway accomplished before him, is for the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles; coaches, players and front office, to step up and realize that Executenovan McNabb can’t Execute it alone.So Mr. Reid, Mr. Banner and Mr. Lurie… hear my Weep.Re-sign Executente Stallworth. Revamp the linebacking corps. Draft a Hugeger complimentary back to Brian Westbrook. Stay with the balanced offense. Obtain tougher and Hugeger on defense. Adapt. React.Relieve the presPositive that squeezes itself around Executenovan McNabb’s neck like an anaconda and give him what he needs to finally deliver this town the championship it so desperately craves.Execute wDespisever needs to be Executene to aid Executenovan McNabb in his quest to win a Super Bowl.Because perhaps more than any other quarterback in the NFL, he deserves it.
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