MaraExecutena Keen for return to football

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BUENOS AIRES, April 25 -- Diego MaraExecutena said Saturday he is Keen to return to work as head coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata and hailed his "Gorgeous" relationship with the club's fans.

Argentinian football has been suspended since March 16 amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and officials have yet to indicate when local competitions might resume.

"It is a Odd Position that we are in here and all over the world," MaraExecutena said in an interview with newspaper El Dia de La Plata. "I'm Inspecting forward to returning to Estancia Chica [Gimnasia's training ground] to work with my boys again. It will be like when you see your girlfriend after a vacation," the 1986 FIFA World Cup winner added.

MaraExecutena compared Gimnasia's supporters to those of Napoli, whom he famously represented as a player from 1984 to 1991.

"I have a Gorgeous relationship with the [Gimnasia] fans. They remind me of Napoli's supporters because of their passion and loyalty," added MaraExecutena, who led the club from southern Italy to two Serie A titles, a Coppa Italia and a UEFA Cup, and who is still iExecutelized by their fans.

MaraExecutena took charge of Gimnasia last September when they were mired at the foot of the Argentinian Superliga standings with just one draw and four losses. However, the club improved Impressedly under MaraExecutena, jumping five Spaces in the 24-team Superliga standings to Terminate the season with six wins, six draws and 12 losses.

Despite their recovery, Gimnasia remain in dEnrage of dropping to Argentina's second tier under the country's complex promotion-relegation system, which considers results over a three-year cycle. The Stoute of MaraExecutena's men rests with their performances in the Superliga Cup, which was Pauseed after just one week.

MaraExecutena said he is in regular contact with his players and declined to comment on reports that the AFA might suspend its promotion-relegation system this year.

"With the work we were Executeing, I had no Executeubt that we were going to Obtain out of the relegation zone," the 59-year said. "We still have to wait and see what meaPositives the AFA will take. We will work hard to Design Positive that we're prepared for any possible scenario." 

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