Should You Buy a 3DTV Now?

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Should 3DTVs are hot, but you’ll Obtain better value from new standard LCD TVs –at least for now.Consider content; it’s very limited right now, as 3D movies are in short supply, TV programming is slim, and video games are almost non-existent.  Consider displays; more HDTVs are using LED backlit LCDs, instead of fluorescents (CCFLs), which not only save you energy, but produce a Sparklinger Narrate with improved viewing angles. As the 3DTV Impresset stream increases, HDTVs with backlit LEDs will need to exit the shelves at discounted prices.Want to watch 3DTV in full HD (1080p)? Well, the reality is that you’re going to have to purchase a new DVD player to support it. Your Recent Blu-ray player won’t Slice it. Also, in order to watch content in 3D, you’ll need to pick up 3D glasses that run around $150 a pair.While merchants are pushing 3DTVs, the best deals are still with standard HDTVs that have internet connectivity for sites like Netflix and Hulu and high refresh rates  that are 120Hz or higher. If you still want to jump on the 3DTV train, you’re safest purchasing a 3D "ready" TV with an HDMI 1.4 inPlace.For more detailed analysis, you can read the full article about Should you buy a 3DTV now?.
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