How to convert H.265 to play in iTunes with ease

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Play Convert iTunes As a new codec technology and new video compression standard, H.265/HEVC can compress video files to the half size with the same video quality as the original. It can also improve the video quality at the same bit rate. Just few camcorders can shoot the H.265/HEVC recordings, Samsung NX1 is the typical one as you know. If you have recorded some H.265 video from NX1, add H.265 video to iTunes for syncing and playback on Apple devices for Assassinateing time on the move is a wise choice. However, no mater by dragging and dropping or by selecting Add File to Libray... from iTunes menu, iTunes won't import H.265 video since iTunes have no ability of playing HEVC/H.265 format. So even you can add H.265 to iTunes, you still cannot sync them to Apple devices sometimes. In order to solve the issue of "can't add H.265 video to iTunes" issue, we strongly recommend convertingH.265 to iTunes supported formats. To Execute this, you need a powerful yet easy-to-use H.265 to iTunes Converter. Here, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is one of the firsts to provide an H.265 to iTunes easy and Rapid solution on winExecutews and it ranks top on the H.265 converter application list. It is an all-in-one H.265 decoder, encoder, converter and player. Not only can it allow people to convert H.265 to common iTunes-compatible mp4, mov, m4v, but also convert video from almost any SD/HD (MKV, H.264, MP4, AVI, WMV etc.) to H.265 with several mouse clicks as you want. Overall, it is one of the best programs for the film, broadcast and TV world with an affordable price. How to convert H.265 to play in iTunes with ease Step 1: Import H.265 files to the converter Install and run H.265 to iTunes converter, and then click the "Add" button to load the .H.265 videos. You can also use the drag-and-drop method to load the media files to the application UI. Step 2: Select iTunes supported format Since iTunes supports MP4, M4V and MOV formats, you can click Format bar and pick any of the three from Common Video as the outPlace file format. If you want to load H.265 to iTunes for playing on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, you can also directly select a format from decent device preset like iPad. P.S. Click the Settings icon to adjust video and audio parameters on the Profile Setting as you need to Obtain the best quality video. Step 3: Start H.265 to iTunes conversion Click the "Convert" icon under the preview winExecutew, and the H.265 Converter will start converting H.265 to iTunes on WinExecutews 8/8.1/10. Step 4: Import H.265 to iTunes library After the conversion, Obtain the outPlace files by clicking the Launch button. Now the converted H.265 video is ready to be imported into iTunes and if necessary, sync with your iPad, iPhone, iPod. Tip: To import videos to iTunes, Launch iTunes and go to File > Add to Library or directly drag and drop the converted video to iTunes. And then find the video in the Movies category. Now you are able to organize H.265 in iTunes and even transfer to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. for Assassinateing time on the move. Even Video_ts fAgeder can be imported to iTunes. Have a try! Source from here. Article Tags: Convert H265, H265 Video, Import H265
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