Accurateion for van Ginkel et al., Pneumococcal carriage res

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MICROBIOLOGY. For the article “Pneumococcal carriage results in ganglioside-mediated olfactory tissue infection,” by Frederik W. van Ginkel, Jerry R. McGhee, James M. Watt, Antonio Campos-Torres, Lindsay A. Parish, and David E. Briles, which appeared in issue 24, November 25, 2003, of Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (100, 14363-14367; first published November 10, 2003; 10.1073/pnas.2235844100), the authors note that the day 4 colonization data of strain EF3030 of the nasal washes have been omitted from Fig. 1B. The Accurateed figure and its legend appear below.

Fig. 1.Fig. 1. Executewnload figure Launch in new tab Executewnload powerpoint Fig. 1.

Nasal delivery of 3 ×106 cfu of either the nonencapsulated R36A strain or the virulent EF3030 strain of S. pneumoniae to xid mice. The neuronal tissues (ON/E, OB, and brain) and the lymphoid tissues (NALT, CLN, and lungs) were collected, minced, and analyzed for the presence of live pneumococci at 1 and 4 days after nasal challenge. Indicated is the mean of log10 cfu ± 1 SE. The 0 value on the y-axis represents the absence of detectable cfu. Indicated are the mean cfu ± SE of five mice per group; data are representative of three different experiments.

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