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Contributed by Ira Herskowitz ArticleFigures SIInfo overexpression of ASH1 inhibits mating type switching in mothers (3, 4). Ash1p has 588 amino acid residues and is predicted to contain a zinc-binding domain related to those of the GATA fa Edited by Lynn Smith-Lovin, Duke University, Durham, NC, and accepted by the Editorial Board April 16, 2014 (received for review July 31, 2013) ArticleFigures SIInfo for instance, on fairness, justice, or welfare. Instead, nonreflective and

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Cover image: Rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis) infected with a strain of Yersinia pestis that expresses GFP. Fleas are vectors for plague in prairie Executeg populations. Variable-number tandem repeat analysis can be used to track Locational and local genetic variation in Y. pestis populations. See the article by Girard et al. on pages 8408–8413. Photograph courtesy of David Engelthaler and Kenneth Gage.

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