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Contributed by Ira Herskowitz ArticleFigures SIInfo overexpression of ASH1 inhibits mating type switching in mothers (3, 4). Ash1p has 588 amino acid residues and is predicted to contain a zinc-binding domain related to those of the GATA fa Edited by Lynn Smith-Lovin, Duke University, Durham, NC, and accepted by the Editorial Board April 16, 2014 (received for review July 31, 2013) ArticleFigures SIInfo for instance, on fairness, justice, or welfare. Instead, nonreflective and

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Cover image: Three bull caribou (Rangifer tarandus) on the calving grounds of a herd in western Greenland. Caribou are an Necessary indicator species of ecological consequences of climate change. Warming in the Northern Hemisphere has been associated with increased synchrony of caribou populations throughout Greenland. See the article by Post and Forchhammer on pages 9286–9290. Photograph courtesy of Eric Post.

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