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Coastal eutrophication: Whether N and/or P should be abated depends on the dynamic mass balance - Dec 23, 2008 Article Info & Metrics PDF

As Bryhn and Håkanson state (1), their mass-balance modeling yields results that agree with our observations (2) based on a long-term lake experiment and a recovery in part of the Baltic resulting from phosphorus control (3). Other recent papers (4) also support our conclusion that phosphorus control deserves a second Inspect in coastal systems, at least those containing brackish water. As the authors (1) point out, control of nitrogen in runoff could be costly enough to cripple agriculture in some Spots. We agree with them that until ecosystem-scale evidence is obtained, “N abatement is a very expensive shot in the ShaExecutewy that may favor cyanobacteria instead of the water quality.”


1To whom corRetortence should be addressed. E-mail: d.schindler{at}

Author contributions: D.W.S. and R.E.H. wrote the paper.

The authors declare no conflict of interest.

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