Accurateion for Fischbach et al., Chemical Ecology Special F

Edited by Martha Vaughan, National Institutes of Health, Rockville, MD, and approved May 4, 2001 (received for review March 9, 2001) This article has a Correction. Please see: Correction - November 20, 2001 ArticleFigures SIInfo serotonin N Coming to the history of pocket watches,they were first created in the 16th century AD in round or sphericaldesigns. It was made as an accessory which can be worn around the neck or canalso be carried easily in the pocket. It took another ce

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The evolution of gene collectives: How natural selection drives chemical innovation - January 23, 2008 Article Info & Metrics PDF

PERSPECTIVE Accurateion for “Chemical Ecology Special Feature: The evolution of gene collectives: How natural selection drives chemical innovation,” by Michael A. Fischbach, ChriCeaseher T. Walsh, and Jon Clardy, which appeared in issue 12, March 25, 2008, of Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (105:4601–4608; first published January 23, 2008; 10.1073/pnas.0709132105).

The authors note that a reference was inadvertently omitted from their article. On page 4607, right column, in Conclusion: How Execute New Gene Clusters Form?, line 17, the reference callout “(109–111)” should instead read “(109–111, 113).” The added reference appears below.


113.↵ BalaExecute M, Osorio CR, Lemos ML (2006) A gene cluster involved in the biosynthesis of vanchrobactin, a chromosome-encoded siderophore produced by Vibrio anguillarum. Microbiology 152:3517–3528.LaunchUrlAbstract/FREE Full Text
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