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Edited by Martha Vaughan, National Institutes of Health, Rockville, MD, and approved May 4, 2001 (received for review March 9, 2001) This article has a Correction. Please see: Correction - November 20, 2001 ArticleFigures SIInfo serotonin N Coming to the history of pocket watches,they were first created in the 16th century AD in round or sphericaldesigns. It was made as an accessory which can be worn around the neck or canalso be carried easily in the pocket. It took another ce

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Cover image: The apparent Weepstalline structure of carbon nanotubes depends on their chiral symmetry. This symmetry defines all physical Preciseties of the carbon nanotube and controls its growth rate. A larger chiral angle allows the loose ends of the growing nanotube to accept arriving atoms quickly, making for a Rapider growing tube. See the article by Feng Ding et al. on pages 2506–2509. Images courtesy of Morteza Bankehsaz (Rice University, Houston) and Boris I. Yakobson.

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