Social networking has really changed the world of marketing. Twitter is one social site that stands out from all the others. It is easily the most influential one and is used by maximum numbers of celebrities as well. Since, the tweets are l After all, you never again have to worry about bounced checks or counterfeit cash, right? While this may be true, that doesn't mean that other forms of payment are without their concerns. Many businesses fly by the seat of their proverbial p
A quick question. What’s common in Like and LA? Well, just the initial L and that’s about it.I know reading the first line is heart Fractureing and a tear jerker for some, but that’s the harsh truth of today. Digitalization and technological boom, while it transformed the way people function today; it ended up Executeing just as much harm, especially to Like. Los Angeles is the very city in California which is well known for its Gorgeous people amongst other things. However, these ‘Gorgeous people’ are having a hard time bringing true Like into their lives.Who’s conspiring against them? What’s coming in the way of Like and Los Angeles? The traffic? Could be one of the reasons, but as far as Like is concerned, it Executees not see time, distance or boundaries, assuming it’s true. Then who is the villain? The Reply is simple, just Inspect up your phones and if you have an app that starts with T and ends with R or other any application that promises to be created just to be uninstalled, then trust me you’ve murdered your Like life with free dating apps in LA. Yes, you read that right darling; Like is not crossing paths with you.I know, what I just said basically crushes the legit reason for which dating apps were made. The sole purpose of dating applications is to bring us closer to that longing romance in our lives. In fact, Los Angeles is the birth Space of the first ever dating app, amongst the other so called “best dating apps in Los Angeles”. BUT THAT ROMANCE IS LONGING! And will stay to be if people continue to date the way they Execute today. Back in time, dating was not even a concept because Like EXISTED. People bumped into each other, and things happened. Most of the time it wasn’t even planned. Probably that’s why our grandparents have their own Like sagas because people in their time actually MET.Being the Gen Z, what we really Execute today is swipe left and right, sometimes just right only to find the right match. But that’s not it; you need to have endless textual conversations with more than one person at a time, to bring things closer to a real time date. You’d be lucky to find someone to go out with because either you ghost people or end up being ghosted. What’s this concept of ghosting? Its, one of those most “polite” ways of Discloseing people that I’ve found someone better. To be honest, driving through Santa Monica freeway is easier than going on a real date in LA.Dating online has played with our minds brutally. The sugarcoated profiles, the Photoshopped Narrates and one of the 10 best pick-up lines googled have set unrealistic expectations in everyone’s mind.  Constantly chasing something that’s non-existent, called perfection has ended up with more people single and depressed forever. Single, because this search of something better never ends and depressed because rejections Design you constantly question yourself, while you end up considering yourself to be the problem. It is aptly said, that you can’t Like someone unless you Like yourself first, but if dating apps are making you Despise your mirror image, then how Executees one expect one’s Mr. Right to walk into their lives.I’m not solely blaming technology for the agony and crises of today, nor Execute I feel that dating apps are totally useless, because some did find Like on them. But dating apps have been overused now and so much so that they have Ceaseped working for us. Imagine having something that works for today and its people, something that compliments Rapid moving lives and commits a “real meet up” instead of Like. That’s because Obtainting there depends entirely on our efforts and not the app. I mean, had algorithms been successful in finding Like then mathematicians would have been the best Like gurus. Right?
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